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Theme: "Hope And Fear"
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Burningman camp placements:
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Reminder lists to take:
Survival items
Shade structure
Event items

My schedule

This year I'm doing a "workshop" to be in the WhatWhereWhen.

Event Title:When I rule the world...
Description: Hopes for Utopia? Know how to get Nirvana? Come sit on the throne and wear the crown! Declare your edicts! Or come to heckle these tinpot dictators who don't have a clue! Improv role playing is encouraged, pose questions, discuss, or suggest situations and maybe we will find hopes for a way to a better future society. Argue but be respectful, be open, be philosophical, and feel free to have a mass debate.
When:Tue, Thu, Sat: 1pm-3pm
Camp:Masters of Debate
Where:4:00 & Chance
checkmark Submit to [done: July 7, 2006]


checkmark • Throne
checkmark • Jester outfit (for the host - ie me)
checkmark • Crowns (to give away to "rulers"): 8 per session x 3 sessions = 24 crowns
checkmark • Necklaces (to give away to attendees): 40 per session x 3 sessions = 120 blinkies
searching Other chairs, stools, benches, or beanbags for others to sit on:
I have 2 camp chairs, 4 lawn chairs, and 4 dining chairs.
If I get a number of big pillows/beanbags, I should be good to go.
checkmark Dome:
• 20 x 10' PVC poles
• 10 x 5' rebar
• 11 x 3' securing wire
• Maybe 4 x 10' PVC poles (for the ground)
constructing Dome covers = shade:
• 14 triangles: 10' wood each side = 8'6" high (43.3ft² each), covered with muslin (stapled to the wood)
• secured with zip ties to PVC poles
checkmark • Hanging decoration: Jester garland strings (25 x 12ft)
cutting Carpet:
• 16'5" x 15'6" would fit completely (cut into pentagon)
• 14' circle would be nice (12' will do)
• red, if possible
constructing Sign:
• 6' by 1' plank with: "Masters Of Debate" enscribed (hopefully with ELwire too)
• 2 x 10' PVC poles
• 2 x 5' rebar
• 16' clothes line (to hang sign on)
constructing Other signs for directions, if cannot get a corner of 4:00 & Chance
• 4 x 2' by 6" arrow shaped planks
• Sharpie to write where to go

Greeter shift times:
checkmark Wed Aug 30: 8am-noon
checkmark Fri Sep 1: 00:00-4am

checkmark Training: Sun Aug 27: 10am-5pm
waiting Mentor shift
waiting 1st shift
waiting 2nd shift
checkmark Burn shift: Sat Sep 2

checkmark Gifting Postcard
Impressive costume:
checkmark Helmet
constructing Wings frame
constructing Wings material (black netting)
checkmark Body armor
checkmark Gloves
constructing Roman skirt
checkmark Boots

Centaur costume:
checkmark Wireframe
constructing Fur for horse and my pants
constructing Leg movement or wheels

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