50 Words For Snow [50 Words For Snow]
An Architect's Dream [Aerial]
Among Angels [50 Words For Snow]
A Coral Room [Aerial]
Army Dreamers [Never For Ever]
And Dream Of Sheep [Hounds Of Love/The Ninth Wave]
Another Day [BBC TV Christmas Special]
Aerial [Aerial]
Atlantis [Demo]
And So Is Love [Director's Cut]
And So Is Love [The Red Shoes]
Aerial Tal [Aerial]
All The Love [The Dreaming]
All We Ever Look For [Never For Ever]
Babooshka [Demo - piano]
Babooshka [Demo - beatbox]
Babooshka [Never For Ever]
Blow Away [Demo]
Blow Away (For Bill) [Never For Ever]
Between A Man And A Woman [The Sensual World]
Burning Bridge [B-side of Cloudbusting]
Bertie [Aerial]
Be Kind To My Mistakes [B-side of This Woman's Work]
Breathing [Never For Ever]
Big Stripey Lie [The Red Shoes]
Brazil [Movie soundtrack]
Cloudbusting [The Orgonon Mix]
Cussi, Cussi [Demo]
Come Closer To Me Babe [Demo]
Cloudbusting [Hounds Of Love]
Coffee Homeground [Lionheart]
Candle In The Wind [Tribute to Elton John]
Constellation Of The Heart [The Red Shoes]
Do Bears...? [From Secret Policeman's Ball]
Dali [Demo]
Don't Give Up [Peter Gabriel's album "So"]
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake [Demo]
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake [Lionheart]
Delius (Song Of Summer) [Never For Ever]
Deeper Understanding [Director's Cut]
Deeper Understanding [The Sensual World]
December Will Be Magic Again [Single]
Egypt [Never For Ever]
Experiment IV [12"]
Experiment IV [Single]
Eat The Music [The Red Shoes]
Frightened Eyes [Demo]
Flowers [Zaine Griff's album "Figures" (backing vocals)]
Full House [Lionheart]
Feel It [The Kick Inside]
Flower Of The Mountain [Director's Cut]
Get Out Of My House [The Dreaming]
Games Without Frontiers [Peter Gabriel's album "3" (backing vocals)]
Humming [Demo]
Hello Earth [Hounds Of Love/The Ninth Wave]
Home For Christmas [B-side of Rubberband Girl]
Houdini [The Dreaming]
Hammer Horror [Demo]
Hammer Horror [Lionheart]
Hounds Of Love [The Alternative Version]
Hounds Of Love [Hounds Of Love]
How To Be Invisible [Aerial]
Heads We're Dancing [The Sensual World]
It Hurts Me [Demo]
In Search Of Peter Pan [Lionheart]
I'm Still Waiting [Aspects Of The Sensual World]
In The Warm Room [Lionheart]
James And The Cold Gun [The Kick Inside]
Joanni [Aerial]
Jig Of Life [Hounds Of Love/The Ninth Wave]
Kite [Demo]
Ken [Aspects Of The Sensual World]
Kashka From Baghdad [Demo]
Kashka From Baghdad [Lionheart]
Kite [The Kick Inside]
Kidnapped On A Building Site [Demo]
King Of The Mountain [Aerial]
Love And Anger [The Sensual World]
Lily [Director's Cut]
Lily [The Red Shoes]
Leave It Open [Demo]
Leave It Open [The Dreaming]
L'Amour Looks Something Like You [Demo]
L'Amour Looks Something Like You [The Kick Inside]
Lord Of The Reedy River [B-side of Sat In Your Lap]
Lake Tahoe [50 Words For Snow]
Lyra [The Golden Compass]
Misty [50 Words For Snow]
Mrs Bartolozzi [Aerial]
Moving [Demo]
Moving [The Kick Inside]
My Lagan Love [B-side of Cloudbusting 12"]
Mna Na h'Eireann [Common Ground Album]
The Magician of Lublin [Movie Soundtrack]
Moments Of Pleasure [Director's Cut]
Moments Of Pleasure [The Red Shoes]
Maybe [Radio]
Mother Stands For Comfort [Hounds Of Love]
Never Be Mine [Director's Cut]
Never Be Mine [The Sensual World]
Nocturn [Aerial]
Night Of The Swallow [The Dreaming]
No Self Control [Peter Gabriel's album "3" (backing vocals)]
Night Scented Stock [Never For Ever]
Ne T'enfuis Pas {Don't Fly Away} [B-side of There Goes A Tenner]
Not This Time [B-side of The Big Sky]
Nevertheless, You'll Do [Demo]
Need Your Loving [Demo]
Organic Acid [Demo]
Oh England, My Lionheart [Lionheart]
Once [Roy Harper's album "Once" (backing vocals)]
On Fire Inside A Snowball [Demo]
One Last Look Around The House Before We Go [GLC movie]
Out Of The Storm [The Dinosaur]
Oh To Be In Love [Demo]
Oh To Be In Love [The Kick Inside]
Pi [Aerial]
Pull Out The Pin [The Dreaming]
Prelude [Aerial]
Prologue [Aerial]
Passing Through Air [B-side of Army Dreamers]
Radio One Xmas Jingle
Room For The Life [The Kick Inside]
Rubberband Girl [Director's Cut]
Rubberband Girl [The Red Shoes]
Rocket Man [Tribute to Elton John]
Reaching Out [The Sensual World]
Rocket's Tail [The Sensual World]
Rinfy The Gypsy [Demo]
Ran Tan Waltz [B-side of Babooshka]
Running Up That Hill [Extended Mix]
Running Up That Hill [Hounds Of Love]
Sister and Brother [Midge Ure's album "Answers To Nothing"]
Sunset [Aerial]
Show A Little Devotion [B-side of Rubberband Girl]
Stranded At The Moonbase [Demo]
Sunsi [Demo]
Snowflake [50 Words For Snow]
Snowed In At Wheeler Street [50 Words For Snow]
Somewhere In Between [Aerial]
Symphony In Blue [Lionheart]
Suspended In Gaffa [The Dreaming]
Surrender Into The Roses [Demo]
Sat In Your Lap [Demo]
Sat In Your Lap [The Dreaming]
Something Like A Song [Demo Early]
Something Like A Song [Demo Usual]
She's Leaving Home [Japanese TV show]
Scares Me Silly [Demo]
Song Of Solomon [Director's Cut]
Strange Phenomena [Demo]
Strange Phenomena [The Kick Inside]
So Soft [Demo]
Saxophone Song [The Kick Inside]
The Big Sky [The Meteorological Mix]
The Big Sky [Hounds Of Love]
The Craft Of Love [Demo]
The Disbelieving Angel [Demo]
The Dreaming [The Dreaming]
The Empty Bullring [B-side of Breathing]
The Fog [The Sensual World]
There Goes A Tenner [The Dreaming]
The Gay Farewell [Demo Early]
The Gay Farewell [Demo Usual]
The Handsome Cabin Boy [B-side of Hounds Of Love]
Them Heavy People [The Kick Inside]
The Infant Kiss [Never For Ever]
The Kick Inside (Brother) [Demo]
The King Is Dead [Go West's album "Dancing On The Couch" (backing vocals)]
The Kick Inside [The Kick Inside]
The Long And Winding Road [Japanese TV show]
The Morning Fog [Hounds Of Love/The Ninth Wave]
The Man I Love [Tribute to Gershwin]
The Man With The Child In His Eyes [The Kick Inside]
Top Of The City [Director's Cut]
Top Of The City [The Red Shoes]
The Painter's Link [Aerial]
The Rare Flower [Demo]
The Red Shoes [Director's Cut]
The Red Shoes [The Red Shoes]
The Seer [Big Country's album "The Seer" (backing vocals)]
The Song Of Solomon [The Red Shoes]
The Sensual World [The Sensual World]
The Wedding List [Demo]
The Wedding List [Never For Ever]
This Woman's Work [Director's Cut]
This Woman's Work [The Sensual World]
Un Baiser d'enfant [B-side of Ne T'enfuis Pas]
Under Ice [Hounds Of Love/The Ninth Wave]
Under The Ivy [B-side of Running Up That Hill]
Violin [Demo]
Violin [Never For Ever]
Warm And Soothing [B-side of December Will Be Magic]
Where Are The Lionhearts [Demo]
While Davy Dozed [Demo]
Wow [Lionheart]
Wuthering Heights [The Kick Inside]
Wild Man [50 Words For Snow]
Walk Straight Down The Middle [The Sensual World]
Why Should I Love You [Demo]
Why Should I Love You [The Red Shoes]
Waking The Witch [Hounds Of Love/The Ninth Wave]
Watching You Without Me [Hounds Of Love/The Ninth Wave]
You're The One [The Red Shoes]
You Want Alchemy [Red Shoes CD Single]
You Were The Star [Demo]

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