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Francois Ajavon image - 2k
Francois-xavier Ajavon
I've been a Kate Fan since the end of the 80's. I'm a french guy, and I was born in 1977!
My favorite album is Hounds of Love.
My favorite singers: Tori Amos, Aretha Franklin, Bjork, Simon and Garfunkel, Mc Cartney, Roger Waters.
I like the classical music too, and Prokofiev particulary.
I'm actually a student in Paris.

I'm the Webmaster of a french/english langage site about Kate, here: http://www.9th-wave.org/

Doulas Alan image - 4k
Douglas Alan
I became a fanatic shortly after discovering The Dreaming in the summer of 1983, after my junior year at MIT. Within a short time I was filling up every newsgroup on Usenet with lots of pro-Kate, anti-Madonna propaganda. After several years of these antics, my story grew tiresome in net.music, and so I founded the Love-Hounds mailing list in August 1985 as a place where any amount of talk about Kate would be tolerated. Shortly thereafter, I interviewed Kate in Manhattan. Talk about nerve-wracking! Eventually, I founded rec.music.gaffa. Beats me when.

My favorite albums are The Dreaming and The Ninth Wave.
My favorite tracks are Night of the Swallow, Under the Ivy, Big Stripey Lie, Waking the Witch, Jig of Life, Breathing, The Fog, Mother Stands for Comfort, Never Be Mine, Sat In Your Lap, Get Out of My House, Leave It Open, The Song of Solomon, Pull Out The Pin, Moving, Feel It, and Lily.

I also love the Butthole Surfers, Laurie Anderson, Danielle Dax, Pop Will Eat Itself, Tackhead, Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega, Portishead, Sheela Chandra, Ministry, Massive Attack, Cranes, PJ Harvey, Dead Can Dance, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Combustible Edison, Beastie Boys, Legendary Pink Dots, Liz Phair, Hawkwind, NiN, The B52's, Devo, Orb, Primus, Babes in Toyland, Test Dept., the Beatles, Pink Floyd (60's & 70's), Skinny Puppy, Nirvanna, and, well, all sorts of cool stuff. I particularly like music that is beautiful and melancholy while also being noisy or dissonant.

I was a big fan of the TV shows Aeon Flux, My So Called Life, and Twin Peaks. The Simpsons, South Park, and Futurama still please, as does The Practice. I'm a serious film lover. My favorite movies are Brazil, Time Bandits, Red, The Double Life of Veronique, Videodrome, Crash, Naked Lunch, The Pillow Book, A Zed and Two Naughts, Eraserhead, The Piano, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Pulp Fiction, Being John Malkovich, Barton Fink, Fargo, Bound, My Dinner with Andre, Henry Fool, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Proof, Heavenly Creatures, Bad Taste... Well, I could go on and on. My favorite artists are Salvador Dali and Edward Gorey. My favorite writers are John Varley, Sharon Olds, Rudy Rucker, Vonda MacIntyre, Neal Stephenson, Gene Wolfe, and David Brin. My favorite comix is Alan Moore's Watchmen. For the last few years I've spent much of my free time studying philosophy.

I live near Boston and work at MIT in Cambridge. Feel free to drop me a line if you feel like it. I always like meeting people into Kate and/or other cool stuff. If you are truly bored, you can check out my web page.

Lynnette Alexander image - 5k
Lynnette Alexander
I have been a Kate fan since HoL. I love each and every Kate song and a lot are my favorite so I won't try to pick just one. When I listen to Kate, I too am moved in every sense.

I live in beautiful, sunny St. George, Utah. I was raised in Los Angeles though. I have a great husband and two wonderful children with one due any day. Maralyssa is 16 (learning to drive! ahhh!) and Will is 3.

I'm glad to see there are new things going on here at this page. I don't have much time to read and post at Love Hounds lately but I'm always game for an email or two if anyone wants to discuss Kate. Somebody PLEASE e-mail me when the album comes out! This town does not know who Kate is so I'll never find out otherwise.

Love you all!
Thanks for all the fun you guys!

Andrea63 image - 4k
Hi, my name is Andrea and I became a Kate fan after watching her performances on Saturday Night Live way back in 1978.

My favorite lps are Hounds of Love, The Red Shoes and The Dreaming.

My favorite songs are Blow Away, Delius, Night of the Swallow, Watching You Without Me, Running Up That Hill, Constellation of th Heart, Lily, Eat the Music, etc

Other favorite bands/musicians include: Van Morrison, Mazzy Star, Sam Phillips, Junior Brown, Southern Culture On The Skids, Delerium, Sisters of Mercy, Orbital, Perez Prado, Dusty Springfield, David Bowie, Souxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, Colourbox, Dead Can Dance, Dif Juz, Gus Gus, Israel Vibration, Burning Spear. Other types of music I enjoy are Cheesy Lounge music, world beat, reggae and who knows what else, I'm all over the map with music.

My favorite television shows are Law & Order, America's Most Wanted (I'm hoping they profile some boob I went to high school with), Sex & the City, The Sopranos, Oz, Dennis Miller Live, and Chris Rock.

Some of my favorite movies are Fargo, Living In Oblivion, Galaxy Quest, Ground Hog Day, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Apocalypse Now, Ruby in Paradise, Passion Fish (anything by John Sayles in general), and many more!

I live in Los Angeles, California and enjoy all kinds of stuff. I work at Smartpages.com and outside of work I am involved with the LA Cacophony Society and Debbie Petting Zoo.

Please feel free to drop a line, I can use a few new penpals. If you're truly bored check out my web site at: http://home.earthlink.net/~andrea63/

Bye kids,

AquaFishy image - 4k
I discovered Kate Bush during my first year at university. To overcome my shy 15 year old geekiness I decided to confront the masses (safely) with a radio show on campus. The first track I heard was Wuthering Heights, and I ended up playing something by her Kateness on every show. I have been addicted ever since. Good thing I went on to post secondary education, it helped me secure work with various radio stations! (The degrees seem mainly secondary now)

My favourite albums are The Dreaming, Never Forever and Hounds of Love/The Ninth Wave. My second favourites are all the others. How can you chose? It's hard. I also appreciate the musical talents of 54-40, Seigel-Schwall, Collective Soul, Almost Twins, Alice Cooper, The Moody Blues, Audience, Contraband (The brits, not the yanks, Gawd) and anything by Bach.

My interests are many and varied. Sketching, Calligraphy, song composition and production, languages, Logic puzzles, IPSEC competition, the games chess and hearts, and of course, anything to do with water.


If you're bored senseless visit my homepage http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7730/index.html

LeShane Arellano image - 2k
LeShane Arellano
I've worshipped Kate since I was 11 and heard The Kick Inside in dance class. I think that there is no other moment in my life that I can remember where I felt that I had really tuned into passion & sensuality & femininity & strength: everything it is to be a woman.
She has influenced the way I see the world, the way I write, indeed the very way I live. Most people just think I have a very unnatural obsession with some obscure early 80's pop star...perhaps among you here I can be understood.

Favorites...ah, too many to mention, but if I must choose a few, they would be The Big Sky, Get Out of My House, Feel It, Night of the Swallow, The Fog, This Woman's Work, and the 9th Wave side of Hounds & Oh, to be in Love ....see...way too many to list........
If you ever just need to talk "Kate" pls drop me a line...LeShane in Alaska.

Mike Arrow image - 3k
Mike Arrow
aroma AT telia DOT com
Hi there!Sweden 1999-12-21

I am Mike from Sweden, aged 36. Have been truly following Kate since she first appeared on air with Wuthering Heights on Swedish radio back in early 1978. The song created tumultuous obsession in Sweden for quite some time - never had something so special and "other" been aired and become commercially successful before!
And she has remained with me of course, as my foremost (probably) inspiration when I work with my own musical attempts. My favourite album is THE DREAMING of course - not just my favourite Kate album but my all-time topmost adorable album in the history of contemporary music.
Kate receives my deepest respects also on account of her consequent approach towards the promotional aspects of the rock industry, which in Kate´s case means Not To Become Victim To Trash Media.
I must admit being a bit disappointed with THE RED SHOES in this regard, but who knows what Kate is up to next? Many speculators try their best to be fortune-tellers; I just sit and wait to let the next weirdness in.
Mike Arrow - webservant of Kate´s Room at ArroWeb,

Vadim Arventiev image - 3k
Vadim Arventiev
My name is Vadim. I becamed a Kate Bush fan at the age of 6, because then was the first time I heard the Babooshka single on a vinyl record of my father's, and I felt like I listened this music forever. I love all of her albums. I can't say that I like one melody more than other. Now I like only two singers:
Kate Bush and Leonard Cohen

Now I'm on vacation and I'm listening almost all day on my headphones songs from the two singers, also watching a slide show into my fantasy drawings collection.

Actually I'm 20 years old and I'm a student at the National Politechnic University, and I'm from Romania.

Kate teached me how to be more romantic, more careful with my soul partner. As I'm writing these words I'm listening at my headphones her song Waking the witch.

P.S : The only thing I want is to kiss the hand of the princess who made me trust my ideals, and not get fooled by the reality.

Shandra Bauer image - 4k
Shandra Bauer
Hi, I'm Shandra Bauer, a fairly quiet member of the Love-Hounds newsgroup for the last 2 years or so. I'm currently a massage therapist and part-time administrative assistant, with dreams of someday being published.

I've been a Kate fan since about 1988. The first album I heard was The Sensual World, which I thought was cool. The next album I bought was Hounds of Love, and that, as they say, was that - I had to aquire all of Kate's albums. My sweetie smiled fondly at me when, after many years of wanting it, I had to buy the 'This Woman's Work' box set (it was on major sale) but she doesn't really understand my passion for Kate's music. My kids, Aurora (5) and Max (1) haven't expressed an opinion yet, but I have hope.

It is great to "meet" people online who share an interest in Kate's music. I'm one of those eternal optimists who is sure that Kate will release another album, but even if she doesn't, the albums already existing are treasures.

I love music in general, of almost all varieties - some of my other favorites are ani difranco, David Bowie, Judy Garland, Beethoven, (dare I say?) Tori Amos <ducking>, Peter Murphy, the Andrews Sisters, Kristen Hall, the Cure, Martina McBride, Pearl Jam, and Jann Arden.

Flavio Greco Agosto image - 3k
Flavio Benedetti
My name is Flavio, 1983-born, Italian, living in Spain. I am a translator-interpreter, operatic singer and pianist... and yes, I do write songs from time to time, but these are only to be heard by a few, for I am quite shy about them.
I heard Wuthering Heights when I was 5 and fell in love with it, but I didn't care much about Kate or "modern" music until I was 17 (I am heavily into baroque and classical :) - the time when I discovered Kate and my other music passions: Queen, Ultravox, glam rock in general and the New Wave movement of the early 80s (Human League, Heaven 17...)...

After the wonderful 7", I discovered The Whole Story hidden among other recordings at home, and listened to it with much pleasure :) After that I bought almost everything on vynil (ironically easier to find than the CDs...) and eventually delighted myself with the "Kate Bush Complete" book with the scores and chords :) I love to collect anything about Kate of course, but I guess this is the same for you all :)

It goes without saying that I adore Kate and her voice and musicianship. My ultimate dream: a soiree singing with her and maybe recording a few songs as a duet :)

Steve Berlin-Chavez image - 4k
Steve Berlin-Chavez
I was a KateFan ever since seeing her on Saturday Night Live.
My favorite Kate Album: The Dreaming.
My favorite songs (these rotate regularly, but here are what they are today: Moments of Pleasure and Under the Ivy, a tie).

I have a home page, too. My favorite Kate web page is Gaffaweb and my second-favorite online hangout (next to r.m.g) is Club Gaffa.

Jade Bridge image - 3k
Jade Bridge
I've been a fan of Kate Bush since 1984 when I went into a record store and fell in love with the cover of The Dreaming. I had no idea who she was or what her music sounded like, but I had to own that record cover!!!! Fifteen years later, I am still in love with that cover, but am also a die-hard fan of hers!
My favourite albums are The Sensual World and The Ninth Wave side of Hounds of Love.
Favorite songs are Hello Earth, The Ran Tan Waltz, The Fog, and Ne T'en Fuis Pas.

Other musical interests: Sarah Brightman, Capercaillie, Alison Moyet, Loreena McKennitt, Selena, various movie soundtracks.

Hobbies include gardening, movies, ebaying and collecting on Kate!!

Favorite movies are Heavenly Creatures, the Alien series, and anything with Jennifer Jason Leigh in it!

Home page is at: http://members.aol.com/jbridge13/welcome.htm

A big hello to all Kate fans, but especially Heather Dean-Caine who has somewhat become my Internet therapist recently!! ;-)

Liz Burrow image - 4k
Liz Burrow
I am a 41 year old Scorpio, who has been a HUGE fan of Kate and her amazing music for nearly 18 years. I live in Devon, England in a little village called Spreyton. I write poetry, and 12 years ago, published a small volume called "Blue Between Clouds" partly inspired by Kate.

Other musical interests include Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Happy Rhodes, Jane Siberry, Indigo Girls, ABBA, Sparks, Sweet, Slade, Queen, Elgar, De-delius (ooh he a moody old man), Holst, Grieg, and lots of others from 1400's through to the 90's (haven't got into anything new from this millenium - yet).

Kate is the tops as far as I'm concerned though, and has brought me much pleasure and solace through a difficult few years. I'll always treasure the music from the first few years of her career - from 1973 to 1980. Favourite album HAS to be Aerial. My favourite unreleased song is Something Like A song, Top released track? Sometimes it's this Womans work, sometimes Moments of Pleasure.

Other interests include industrial archaeology, aromatherapy, walking, chilling out with friends, silk painting, pastel work, reading especially fantasy and science fiction ( Brian Aldiss, among others).
Then there are my cats (R.I.P. Jasmine Burrow 1994-2006 - sadly missed) current mog a mad tortie by the name of Ruby.She loves Kate too.
I've added a couple of hobbies - thanks to Ebay - collecting and solving rubiks and other puzzles, plus collecting "jellycat" soft toys.
I've also been researching my family history and have traced my dad's ancestry back to the 1600s , and my mum's to the early 1800s. Have found a few "skeletons" in the process.great fun though.
Last, but by no means least, Ray, my husband, and my best friend :0)

Anyone else into MAME out there? or Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy? Write to me if you dare. I promise to reply.

Calpernia image - 4k
My name is Calpernia and I live in Nashville, TN. I have been a fan of Kate's since I was 14 and my new high school friends had a party and played Hounds of Love all night. It was the first night of a wonderful time of expanding possibilities and mind, and I have been carried away by the music ever since.

I also love Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, Annie Lennox solo, and I play fiddle and other instruments. I love to dance and hike and camp and explore. Woo Hoo, viva Kate!

pDaleCampbell image - 3k
Fan since: 1978-12-09 (SNL)
Favorite Album: HoL
Favorite Song: Cloudbusting
Home: Round on the ends and high in the middle.
Occupation: Programmer/Engineer.
Other Favorite Artists: YES, Jars of Clay, Carolyn Arends, Neil Young

Cynthia Conrad image - 5k
Cynthia Conrad
Off-line: New Haven, CT, USA
Online: Most Kate-related communities; member of the Love Hounds mailing list since 1997.

My first Kate memories are from 1986, hearing Running Up That Hill on the radio while babysitting for the neighbors and hearing Hounds of Love on Rock Over London. I remember thinking that RUTH was a little scary and that HOL was really sexy. I wasn't a true KateFan, however, until a couple of years later when a friend of mine taped The Dreaming and Hounds Of Love for me. I've been hooked ever since, and my Kate Kollection continues to grow.

I won't bore you with a list of my favorites, but I prefer mid-career Kate to early or recent Kate. I also have an unhealthy obsession with the Cathy demos and their potential as recordable songs. In addition to Kate, I collect a number of 4AD-related artists, including the Cocteau Twins and Throwing Muses (in all of their offshoots and incarnations). Generally, I gravitate toward female singer/songwriters with unique voices and interesting lyrics.

I currently work as an Executive Assistant at CRN International, Inc., a radio marketing firm that produces radio programs, promotions and advertising for national and regional accounts. Before that, I worked as Director of Research and Curriculum Development for business author and workplace expert Bruce Tulgan at his training, research and consulting firm, RainmakerThinking. Until recently, I co-edited an avant-garde literary journal called the Dirigible Journal of Language Art, and am also a poet with a smattering of publication credits. Now I spend my free time singing and writing songs with the band Blood Ruby. We create female-fronted atmospheric alternative music somewhere in the vein of dream pop, ethereal and neoprogressive rock. Naturally, I count KaTe as a major influence on both my singing and songwriting!

Bryan Dongray image - 2k
Bryan Dongray
I've been a Kate Bush fan since I first heard her music on the radio (in England in 1978). I had long hair then, and for parties I'd sometimes get it crimped - everyone said it made me look like Kate!
My favourite track is either Pull Out The Pin or The Infant Kiss, but change the genders on that one, and it really sounds perverted!
My favourite album is generally Hounds Of Love, but I really like many of the demo tracks, even over the later produced album versions of the songs - probably because I get to hear Kate so much better.
My favourite video is Experiment IV.
I have a collection of every track, but don't collect various pressings, or albums, from different countries. I do collect her sheet music, and I try to play as best I can. I don't think I'm that good, I try, but I cannot be too bad as people around me even recognize what I'm playing!
I like to create/collect MIDI files too.
My other favourite artist is Alice Cooper.
Here is my home page.

Thomas Dunning image - 6k
Thomas Dunning
I think its a great idea so here is my picture, I can't wait to see what everyone else looks like!

While I'm here, thanks to everyone who made I WANNA BE KATE: The Songs of Kate Bush such a success for me! I'm STILL smiling...

Thomas Dunning
Brown Star Records

The Kate Bush Tribute CD is here!
I WANNA BE KATE: The Songs of Kate Bush

Mickey Ferguson - 5k
Mickey Ferguson
I credit Kate Bush for (I'm estimating) 40% of my music collection. I first heard The Whole Story in 1986 while working as Christmas help in an Amarillo, Texas music store. Grady Cartwright *waves frantically to find a lost friend* told me all that he knew about Kate, and I promptly bought every thing I could find. Then, the serious addiction hit, and I discovered a place that could *import* her 12" singles and all those awesome B-side songs, some of my favorites: HOL (Alternative), Under the Ivy, My Lagan Love.
Most listened to album: Hounds of Love (EMI100) followed by The Dreaming. I really like TSW a lot, too. At other times, I might have said: The Kick Inside or Lionheart. I love them all, in fact. I wish they came more often! ;-) Favorite video: The Hammersmith Odeon live footage. I wish I still had a copy.... I also went to see "She's Having a Baby" three times in the theater and no telling how many on video, and each time Kate's song TWW chokes me up completely. (the soundtrack also has Kirsty MacColl doing a Smiths' song, along with several other neat pop songs.) I've been lurking around rec.music.gaffa for years (1995) and haven't said much. I really should compliment the group for performing has the world's most synergistic music recommendation service EVER! <pat on the back> Through gaffa (and coincidentally the Siblings list) I found Ecto. Say no more, right? I'm now a big Happy fan. ;-) Most of my other most-played's are Celtic and traditional folk songs, with a heavy dose of 19th orchestral music. Nice meeting all of you, and I'll hopefully talk to some of you new faces soon!

Marco Gatti - 4k
Marco Gatti
Let me introduce myself: my name is Marco Gatti and I live in the Netherlands.
As most of the KT-fans Hounds of Love made me a huge Kate fan. But if I can remember that I saw a clip of Kate on the Dutch music tv program Toppop. I was really impressed by the song and that beautiful woman. Unfortunately I missed the credits. The following weeks I hopefully watched the show again but it never showed up again. A little while later I bought the Singles Files video and there the video popped up: Suspended in Gaffa. That is one of my early memories of Kate.
I shall also briefly mention my favorite songs (well at least at for this moment): Davy - Warm and Soothing - Under the Ivy - Night of the Swallow - You want Alchemy - Moments of Pleasure.
Finally I wanna tell the world that I am a gay Kate fan and proud of it! And I must not forget my dear email pal Scott Webb with whom I built the Hello Earth site for your pleasure.

Kaylene Granado - 5k
Kaylene Granado
I have recently moved back to Denver Colordao after a 3 year stint in California. I went to England 2½ years ago and loved it. Didn't get to Kent. So no Kate sightings.

I am still a huge fan. I have a girlfriend who moved here with me. I am working on trying to get her to like Kate Bush but so far she hates the old stuff! So that leaves me with work ahead. I miss Kate where is she??

I've been listening to Kate Bush since the Babooshka days. I remember sitting there watching a show called Teletunes when Kate came on and I saw there mesmerized by this fantastically, wonderful sounding, beautiful woman. I thought I was going to die from the awe I was feeling. After she was off the screen I sat there just staring. So much into space I had completely forgotten her last name. I thought it was something like Kate Jones! I was dying to know who the hell that was. Of course no one I knew had a clue. So finally a week or so later I see the video again and there I was with pen and paper in hand. Ah ha, Kate Bush! Yes, I went to the only store in town who has everyone and anyone and purchased The Kick Inside. I put that LP on and it was all over. I couldn't believe my ears. What I heard was the most amazing voice. The most incredible words I had ever read. Once again I found myself in amazement like her trying to find out what was up with Kashka, and his lover. I couldn't stop playing it over and over until of course they (meaning my family) threatened to break my turntable. So I just went out and bought some ear phones. From there I was hooked. My next venture was Hounds Of Love. My absolute favorite LP. What more can I say? That is how I was hooked.

Now I've found the Redshoes News Listand have made some great friends to discuss Kate with. Even though she hasn't released a thing I still long for anyone who knows her music as well as I do if not better, and of course anyone just starting out.

d~ image - 4k
[email not shown]
d~ has been a KaTe fanatic since first seeing RuTH on VH1 in 1985. d~ promptly went out and purchased all items that were currently available to the general public in the US and has since tourtured many a roomate (and sidekick) with numerous "All KaTe Weekends".
Things other than KaTe that interest d~ include: Computers, True Crime, Justice (both with a capital and a lower case "j"), film, modern art, the modern mythology of UFOs and cryptozoology (can that be spelled right?) and all sorts of books.

d~ considers all of KaTe's work holy and although d~ finds ranking albums and songs in any order of preference sacrilege - Hounds, This Woman's Work I & II and The Dreaming tend to get the most play time in d~'s home and office along with a compliation of b-sides and collaborations not available on TWW I & II (special thanks to "apster"!!)

Yiannis Hayiannis - 5k
Yiannis Hayiannis
I became Kate's fan in 1978 when i first heard Wuthering Heights. Ever since she is with me all the time.
My favourite album is The Dreaming.
My favourite song is Get Out Of My House.
My favourite video clip is This Woman's Work. I'm Greek and i live in Cyprus.

John Heislman - 4k
John Heislman
It's just so darn difficult finding a recent photo of yourself that you like, you know? This is me in the 3rd grade, and frankly, I haven't changed much. (But I did manage to lose the horn-rimmed glasses somewhere along the way...)

Estella Hodgson - 4k
Estella Hodgson
Hi! My name is Estella Hodgson and I love Kate! That's me on the right with my partner Melissa :)

I was born and raised in Hempstead, Arkansas and just recently moved to New England to be with my girl - which is a good thing because she introduced me to Kate!

My favorite album is The Dreaming -Hounds of Love is a close 2nd! I really LOVE the video for Running Up That Hill too!

I like lots of other music too, my favorites are Peter Gabriel, Faith Hill, Moby, Talk Talk, Sara Brightman and LOTS more.

Please email me if you'd like to talk about Kate or anything else!

Ted Jacobs - 3k
Ted Jacobs
I've been a fan of Kate since Hounds of Love came out.

I'm an aging Punk Rocker who fixes fire alarms for a living when I'm not out inciting anarchy. I was almost run down by Liberace in a custom Rolls while I was trying to cross the street on my way to work at Taco Charlie when I lived in Las Vegas in 1981. In 1984 I met Marlin Perkins ("Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" Television Show) at a wolf sanctuary near Saint Louis and we howled with the wolfs (along with his wife and a guest of his who's name I never got). In 1986 (? maybe 1987) I saw 10,000 Maniacs with about 30 other people, Natalie Merchant stepped on my foot getting off stage and sneered at me for being in her way, so I called her a bitch. These were my 3 biggest brushes with fame.

I became aquainted with Lovehounds when I had a quibble with one of them in a record store in New Jersey over the only CD single in the store of Rubberband Girl.

My musical interests are all over the map (I'm most recently a fan of Pizzicato Five). I myself play classical and electric guitar (but not often these days) being a student of a student of Andre' Segovia.

Mikael Jakonen - 4k
Mikael Jakonen
I've been a KaTe-fan since spring 1993, but a lurking Love-Hound since October 1992. It all started out with a very good friend, a KaTe-fan, who found the address to Love-Hounds in a magazine. Since I was taking evening courses in computer science he asked me to check it out for him. That's how I subscribed, and landed in a major flamewar. I read some of the mail, and found hidden among the flames some pretty wierd discussions about the works of an apparently great artist. I asked my friend to play some KaTe music to me, and from being a casual listener I became interested, and commented first on Them Heavy People.

Some of my favourite tracks are Big Sky (meteorological mix), Under Ice, Waking the Witch, and Hammer Horror. My favourite album is Hounds of Love, and I want to point out that I feel that Lionheart is much underrated among Love-Hounds.

I'm working as an electronics engineer at Ericsson Mobile Communications, doing trouble shooting, and CBR-authoring.
My hobbies includes computers, some electronics, Motorcycling, astronomy, movies, and music. I used to play and sing in a band (blues-rock, with ZZ-top as a major influence), but have retired.

Music I listen to besides KaTe is Magnum, City Boy, Dream Theater, Queensr˙che, Jethro Tull, some 10cc, Jean Michel Jarre, Queen, Status Quo... there are more.

Michel Johnson - 3k
Michel Johnson
My name is Michel Johnson and I'm from Quebec city, Canada.
I've been a fan of Kate since her Never for ever album.
The first song I've heard of her was Babooshka and today it is still my favorite. Since I've heard this remarquable song, I'm passionate for her music and her excentricity.
It took me a lot of time to buy all her work because she's not well known for her debut albums but for her duos with Peter Gabriel and the album Hounds of Love.

My favorite album is Never for Ever. The songs that make me happy are Babooshka, The man with the child in his eyes, Moving, Don't give up, Running up that hill, Deeper understanding, Army dreamers, and The ninth wave.

I've made a website on her you can go and see it at http://katebush.citeweb.net. It is my proud and my joy. I hope that someday she'll see it and it will make her smile.

My favorite video is: Running up that hill.

Keep up your good work and say Hi! to all Kate's fans in the world
Michel Johnson
Quebec, Canada

Karl Jokat image - 5k
Karl Jokat
Hi I'm from Norwich England.
I've been a fan of Kate's since the first time I saw her on TV singing the single Wuthering Heights in '78
The song I like the best is This Woman's Work

I organised a tribute concert of the great ladies music at the assembly House in Norwich on the 26th April 2002.

Rod Kratochwill - 3k
Rod Kratochwill
Fan since: 1978-12-09 (SNL)
Occupation: Programmer/Engineer.
Other Favorite Artists: Joan Armatrading, Wendy Waldman, Joni Mitchell, Weather Report, Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Coleman Hawkins.

John Lang - 5k
John Lang
Born in Plymouth, England, this candle burning, card-carrying Kateophile was smitten back in 1978.
I am a semi-professional guitar player and have been influenced by the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Beck as well as by the more subtle artistry of Django Rheinhardt, Bert Jansch and Ry Cooder. I have a passion for sonic texturalisation, such as that produced by Deep Forest, Tomita, Vangelis and Jan Hammer. This, together with my love for the music of Kate Bush and an appreciation of Ravel, Prokofiev and Debussy has formed my musical base-line.

I cannot pick Kate favourites, but have to say that whenever I hear The Man With The Child In His Eyes or Don't Give Up time simply stands still.

Apart from music my interests are science-fiction, the life and works of Marilyn Monroe and being a self-centred, hedonistic control freak and social cripple :)

Visit my home page at http://woodenlung.co.uk

Gordon MacKinnon image - 4k
Gordon MacKinnon
Hello my name is Gordon McKinnon. I have been a Kate Bush fan since 1978. I love all of Kate's music. My perennially favourite song is Wuthering Heights.

You can always tell great people by the trail they leave and with a life that truly beautiful and gaining in meaning with every step of the Cosmic Dance, such as the Cosmic Dancer, Kate Bush.

My interests are: Egyptology, Kate Bush, Carl Sagan.

Francois Montmirel image - 3k
Francois Montmirel
I am 37 and am a French fan from 1978, living near of Paris. I clearly remember that I loved Kate exactly the first time I heared her marvelous Wuthering Heights on the radio. It was a great success in France and everybody on TV and on radio talked about this incredible voice. From this first flash, I always have waited for every Kate's new album, rarer and rarer.

Kate is more than a simple singer. She gives a special feeling, a sincerity and a fragility that drives you to your deep meaning, to your soul. When I feel sad, I listen to some Kate's songs, even the sad ones, and she gives me something like a new energy.

My favorite song : - so difficult to chose ! Probably The Man With The Child In His Eyes.
My favorite album : Lionheart.
My favorite video : Live at Hammersmith Odeon (I have probably watched it 50 times)
My favorite videoclip : Cloudbusting.
My other favorite singers : Peter Gabriel, Rickie Lee Jones, Suzanne Vega, Bjork, Toyah, Corinne from Swing Out Sisters, Paul Weller, Dolores from The Cranberries, Alan Stivell ...(some of them have sung with Kate)
My job : I created a little mail order company for magicians.
My other hobby : playing cards.

Herve Naudet - 4k
Herve Naudet
My name is Herve, just 30!, French but living in London for the past 11 years, gay orientated, I thought this would be a nice way to get to know and exchange ideas, moods and tears/laughter's with Kate`s fans.

My interests are writing, I love it and spend hours doing so in all sort of forms, poetry, short stories and novel. I also enjoy doing all sort of visual (mixed media, PhotoShop etc...)

I discovered Kate bush in the early nineties and never looked back, so much beauty there... a very inspiring artist.

If you are bored, drop me a line...... it will make my day a little brighter


Melanie Nelson - 6k
Melanie Nelson
My name is Melanie Nelson, a California girl working in Civil Engineering and my own photography business. I was riveted the first time I heard Wuthering Heights - the second version from The Whole Story - when my English boyfriend at the time played it in his studio. The way Kate wailed at the end absolutely chilled me to the core - it was like entering a doorway to another world that I belonged in. Her music was so personal to me and I believed that all by itself it had the power to create magic. I would take her entire CD catalog out to the desert in Death Valley where I'd play it loud in the partially derelict and haunted hotel that my friend - a 75 year old ballerina - owned. It echoed throughout the corridors in the most beautiful, crystalline way, and I would often make new friends with other travelers who would inquire about the artist.

I consider Kate's music to be intertwined with my own artistic spirit, as her wavelength fits so well. Music is something I am completely inept to create, so her music fills in that artistic void to represent what I would love to create if I only could. Kate as a person is intriguing yet not really known to me. When I went to England a few years ago, what excited me most was to see the countryside that was the backdrop to Kate's music, and as a result I understood so much more.

My favorite song is December Will Be Magic Again. I have a very poor video copy of Kate performing it live, wearing a red catsuit and sitting in a chair much like a cat, leaning down into a bag of glitter and sprinkling it in front of her while she sang. This absolutely melts me.

I would love to be in contact with any Kate fans, so feel free to write anytime.

Goran Nilsson image - 2k
Goran Nilsson
I'm 36 years old, born the 23rd of august in the year of our Lord 1962, which makes me a strange cross between a leo and a virgin.

Interests: Psychology, sociology, martial arts, gardening, esoteric christianity, my family, a good fight now and then, etc.

Music: John Abercrombie, John McLaughlin, Wheather Report, Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, John Hiatt, Bob Dylan, old poetry, etc.

Films: Blade Runner, most of Clint Eastwood - Arnold Schwarzenegger - Robin Williams, Alien, Barb Wire, etc.

Authors: Philip K. Dick (Do androids dream of electric sheep? - this book later became filmed as Blade Runner), Stephen Donaldson, Stephen King, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Rodney Collin, Ouspensky, Gurdjieff (he writes in the most mysterious way!), the bible, and many, many more.

I mostly like a quiet life, not complicated, no stress, in tune with nature, poking around in my garden, fixing things - I'm rather handy - the kids, I have two, eleven and four years old, my wife - fuzzying about cleaning and mostly in the way, it strikes me that she often vacuums when I'm at the 'puter!. I wish I was rich so I could fulfil my uttermost dream - to be completely economically independant! Then i could have the quiet life I wish.

I am a bachelor of science in social work, and has worked for a number of years as a, don't know the english word for it, counsellor. I gave it up because it never seemed to lead to anything else than just making the wheels turn, like being a cog. I am currently studying, taking economic classes to enhance my knowledge in the strange laws of economics. Perhaps I'll one day go into business of my own.

"The Fox"

Ole Palm image - 3k
Ole Palm
I hear a lot of different styles of music and though I've heard Kate Bush since I was a kid (one of my fond, and surprisingly clear, childhood memories include watching the Cloudbusting video in the mid-80s with my brother and sister) I've never considered myself a fan. Until recently.

Theres a special mood in her music, something unearthly in her passionate vocals that caught my attention, when by chance I saw an old video (Babooshka) in the TV. Though far from my favourite song of hers, it reminded me of her musical universe.

Since then I've heavily expanded my collection of her songs, and my favourite albums from KB include: The Kick Inside, Hounds of Love and The Sensual World.

I write music myself, and though my style and approach to music is very different from Kate Bush, I feel inspired by her passion and diversity in both music and expression. Other interests include Poetry (working on a collection in my native language - danish), drawing, painting and computers.

btw. My formal education is Graphic Design.

Other artists in my CD collection:
Mike Oldfield, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, Type O Negative (in particular the October Rust album), VAST, U2, The The, Tears for Fears, Staind, Radiohead, Coldplay, R.E.M., Nothingface, Nirvana, Mudvayne, Moby, Massive Attack, Mad Season, Leftfield, Kashmir (danish band), Korn, Killswitch Engage, Jeff Buckley and many more.

Joe Pauley image - 5k
Joe Pauley
Joe Pauley is 33, lives in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (it really IS beautiful, despite the name), and has been a Kate maniac since 1983. Also a big fan of Bjork, Sarah McLachlan, Alison Moyet and lots of other female singer/songwriters.
A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, his man Dave and some Kate make Joe a happy boy!
See his web page at http://members.aol.com/joeburgher.

Zandra Marie Pavicic image - 2k
Zandra Marie Pavicic
I have been a Kate fan since '91 and a LH since '95.... tho given that I've not been too awfully active but rather a shadowdancer!
I'm a Miami FL native tho currently a student at Virginia Tech (and hoping to graduate someday soon).
I've always been amazed and entranced by music. KaTeSongs and KateFans opened me to tons more sounds than any other source(s).
Bless you all!!

Edward Randazzo image - 2k
Edward Randazzo
Hello! My name is Edward. I live in Northeastern PA, USA
I first heard Kate when I was 17? I was watching "She's Having A Baby." with my friend Amy. And when the credits rolled, She could not stop talking about how much she loved TWW. (I think it was the first time hearing it for me....) It was a while ago now...haha!
We consider This Woman's Work "our" song... (I know, not the most up-lifting choice). But there are some great memories of us that come flooding back when I hear TWW.
Once I got to college in 1997, I heard The Sensual World & The Red Shoes in heavy rotation on the local college station. What a woman, what a voice! 1998 came and I decided on majoring in Communications... which led me to being able to host my own radio show which highlighted women in music. I made sure Kate showed up in all of my sets. Ever since, my collection has slowly grown.

Kate's music allows one to feel things on a whole other level!

As far as favorites, it's too hard to choose... it all depends on my mood. Hounds of Love/The Ninth Wave is up there though. Be Kind To My Mistakes and Under The Ivy are great B-sides!

Stephane Sanloup image - 5k
Stephane Sanloup
I'm Stef, I live in Lyon (France) and I'm 30.
I discovered Kate Bush in 1986 when I was 15. It was a tape of Never for ever and I knew that it was the best thing I ever heard... Since then, I bought everything I could find on her.

Thanks to 2 years spent abroad, one year in Salamanca (Spain) and one year in Wolverhampton (UK), I found a lots of bootlegs. But above all, I bought the 4 "this woman's work" with one in Live version !!!

My favorite songs are:

And so many others...

My best memory is when I met Kate Bush at a cocktail party... (on the photo) I'M JOKING IT'S A PHOTOMONTAGE I MADE ON PHOTOSHOP !!!!!!! But I really would like to meet her once, or at least go to a concert when she'll be decided to go back on stage...
Meanwhile, why not meeting Kate Bush Fans...

Barend Schuurman image - 3k
Barend Schuurman
My name is Barend Schuurman. I live in The Netherlands and I love Kate Bush since the very beginning of her career. (My wife loves her too and she wore a dress like Kate wore in the clip of The Sensual World on our weddingday.) Every album is great in it's own way and I love to watch her videoclips very much. My alltime favourite Kate-songs are: The sensual world, This woman's work, Moments of pleasure, Breathing, Delius, The big sky, And dream of sheep, Under ice, Kashka from Baghdad, Symphony in blue, Coffee homeground, Moving, Wuthering Heights, The man with the child in his eyes, Room for the life, Under the ivy, Lord of the Reedy river, The Dreaming, Night of the swallow, Leave it open, Get out of my house, and All the love.

Further I love Renaissance, Clannad, Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Maire Brennan, Secret Garden, Sinead O Connor, Caroline Lavelle, Mila, Alison Moyet, Abba, Frida, Randy Crawford, Annie Haslam, Rondo Veneziano, Nightnoise, Heather Nova and more...

I also love to read books from: Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, Patricia Highsmith, Patricia Cornwell, Daphne du Maurier, Frances Fyfield, Akif Pirincci, Gemma O Connor, John Sandford, Peter Ustinov, Minette Walters etc.

I love to go out for dinner and joy the delicious tastes of Italian, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Croatic and French food and more.

Adrienne S image - 4k
Adrienne S
I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I first heard Kate Bush on a university radio station. The song was Army Dreamers, and I made my boyfriend at the time turn it off because her voice sounded so discordent to me. Then I became obsessed.

Kate Bush is like a William Blake poem in music, she is like the best novel or film you can imagine, and she sets my imagination on fire. I love literature and art, particulary James Joyce, Tolkien, Yeats, and Kate's lyrics are so filled with symbolism and mysticism, her music is so rich, its like religion, folklore, literature, and philosophy all swirled together into a sensual draught that I find irresistable.

Favourite album: the ninth wave.
Favourite song: changes all the time. Right now am listening to Oh England, My Lionheart a lot, but have spent the most time listening to Night of the Swallow and Sat in Your Lap. It changes.

Will Squidly image - 2k
Will Squidly
I'm 35 and have just gone back to Southampton College to study Art and Design where I annoy the tutors by having my own ideas :-)

Been a Kate fan since Wuthering Heights was released which I first heard falling asleep whilst listening to the crackly sound of Radio Luxembourg's 208 once an hour power play!!

Been on and off both Lovehounds and RMG for longer than I care to remember and even attended one Katemas at Glastonbury....which was lovely fun!

Currently working on large Egyptian/Gelfling Freizes in Photoshop and strange portraits of porn stars dressed up as Holy Figures.

Other interests include the films of Tim Burton, David Fincher, Percy Adlon and cinema in general, much much music of various genres/styleswtih varying degrees of hipness and really - at the moment - thats all I have time for.....when times does allow, I work for Oxfam and do some HIV counselling.

Samantha Tanner image - 2k
Samantha Tanner
Hi, I'm Sami and I've been a big fan since 1988 or so. I discovered Kate by accident. I bought the wrong cassette at a used tape store. Lucky me! I can no longer imagine life before Kate Bush nor do I want to. I live in Denver.... any other Colorado Love-Hounds out there? If so, e-mail me and let's get together and celebrate Kate!

I love all of Kate's music but I especially love Under the Ivy, The Big Sky, Hello Earth, Moving, Feel It and This Woman's Work. I can't wait for a new album! My favorite videos of Kate's are The Big Sky, Don't Give Up (the eclipse version) and The Sensual World.

Other favorite musicians/bands are Iona, Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKennitt, Patsy Cline, Tori Amos, Over the Rhine, Happy Rhodes, Hoi Polloi, Chasing Furies, Harry Connick, Jr., Mark Knopfler, Tara MacLean, Tears for Fears, old U2, Natalie Merchant, Billy McLaughlin and almost any female artist with an awesome voice.

My favorite books are "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" by Annie Dillard, "A Moveable Feast" by Ernest Hemingway, "Walking on Water" by Madeleine L'Engle and "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" by Thomas Hardy. The poetry of Rumi and Rilke are phenomenal.

My favorite movies are "A Room with a View", "The Linguini Incident", "Harold and Maude", "Being John Malkovich", "Ever After" and "Pretty in Pink". A close runners-up are "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", Monty Python's "Holy Grail" and "Labyrinth".

The love of my life is Paul and when we tie the knot, all Love-Hounds are invited to attend. Paul doesn't yet love Kate. He will learn to love her, I promise.

I wish Kate knew how much she's added to my life. Thank you, Kate.

Jeff Taylor image - 4k
Jeff Taylor
I have loved Kate since I was a teenager, enjoy all of her albums, and especially love The Dreaming. I think she is the most underappreciated modern artist and an absolute treasure. Favorite tunes include Suspended In Gaffa, There Goes A Tenner, Wow, Under The Ivy, Wuthering Heights, and far too many others too mention. I have recently began enjoying working on my Kate collection again and am enjoying it thoroughly.
I also love Blondie/Debbie Harry, Siouxsie/Creatures, Marc Almond/Soft Cell, Propaganda and many other New Wave groups and music - I think that was the most creative period of music and my favorite people come from that period. I also love old movies, too.

Best to all Kate Fans and please feel free to drop a line if you'd like!

Kirsten Taylor image - 4k
Kirsten Taylor
I've been a Kate fan since Running Up That Hill was released here in Australia.... but didn't get truly obsessed until about 1990 when I read Wuthering heights and my sister gave me a tape with Kate's interpretation on it - Wuthering Heights! I was 13 when this happened. All my friends at school thought I was turning into a goth, this was not true. I just thought I had better taste than them, after all they were listening to the like of POISON and ROXETTE.... what can I say!

I live in Australia's Island state of TASMANIA. I have recently returned here after a 2 year stint in WA. (were I was forced to hock all my CD copies of Kate's stuff, still have vinyl !)

Other artists I like include:

  • YES
  • Jethro Tull
  • Regurgitator (Australian)
  • Tori Amos (Though it took me a while to warm to her)
  • 80's crap (Adam & the Antz and so on...)
  • Depeche Mode
  • New Order
  • Adamski
  • Orbital
  • Stereo Lab
  • Les Rythme la Digital

    I work with Flowers : a florist.
    I paint, write and dance about the house after a few too many beers.

  • Tom Tuerff image - 4k
    Tom Tuerff
    I'm Tom Tuerff, (also known as nudeadguy in the AOL Kate folder) and I have been in love with the Goddess ever since she sat on Paul Shaffer's piano on SNL back in '78. Youch.

    I am somewhat well-known among this group because I was the only guy I'm aware of who taped the so-called Phoenix broadcast back in 1987 or 88 or whenever that was. I had it for years before I was aware that there was anybody else out there who might be interested. Silly me.

    My favorite albums? HOL, and Kick.

    As you can tell by the picture, in my spare time, I perform in Phoenix-area coffeehouses. WHAT I perform has yet to be determined, but the turban is a big part of it. When I'm not doing that I'm probably naked in a hot spring somewhere. I'm also on the board of Fiddlers' Dream, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving acoustic music in the Phoenix area.

    In my real life I write advertising.

    Any other Phoenix Kate fans out there? I'd like to meet you!

    Mike Wade image - 4k
    Mike Wade
    Never know what to say on these things! I'm 33, now living in Oxford, UK though originally come from Whitby in North Yorkshire. Have been a fan of Kate's since first hearing Wuthering Heights all those years ago. Oh hell - if you want to check out any more about me drop me an email!


    [dated: 1999]

    Scott Webb image - 9k
    Scott Webb
    That's me with my hounds of love.

    I've been a fan since '85 when I first heard Running Up That Hill while driving a tractor on my father's farm at age 17. Thank God the tractor had a radio.

    Eight years between a man and a woman, my wife Cindy and I, that is. My beloved is a non-Kate fan, although Thomas Dunning's "I Wanna Be Kate" album has gotten her closer to crossing-over than ever.

    Album rankings: HOL, TD, NFE, TKI, TSW, TRS, LH - but Lionheart doesn't deserve to be last.
    Favorite video: The Sensual World.
    Favorite B: You Want Alchemy.
    Favorite Demo: (tie) Craft Of Love, Oh To Be In Love.
    Favorite Cover Photo: RUTH single.
    Favorite Lyric (okay, technically it's a translation of a lyric): "If the great eyes of my God were not watching (over) me, I would steal you away."
    Biggest Kate Disappointment (IMO): TLTC&TC.

    During the last year I have become a huge Tori Amos fan. I know, I was late to catch on, and most of you guys have already gone down that road and ditched it by now. But if any of you are still obsessed with both Kate and Tori, please drop me a line.

    I enjoy hanging out at Club Gaffa. It is pleasing that a younger, teen-something crowd, have started listening to Kate. Lets be grateful to Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole and many others for citing Kate as being a major influence.

    Marco Gatti and I have been cross-Atlantic e-mail friends for a couple of years now. He was gracious enough to include me as a contributor to his website: http://www.rtv.nl/~marco/katebush/

    Oops, Bryan should have put a limit on the length of these things! Keep in touch.

    Sue Wickersham image - 4k
    Sue Wickersham
    I fell in love with Kate's music when my boyfriend played me And Dream of Sheep, which is still my favorite Kate song.
    I live in Massachusetts, where I work as a jewlery maker.
    I'm into poetry, theater, and, most recently, modern dance... inspired by Kate's music of course.
    Any Love Hounds looking to chat about Kate or anything else, feel free to e-mail me!
    I love meeting new people!

    Malcolm Xerxes image - 4k
    Malcolm Xerxes
    I'm a Progressive Rock drummer from Manchester, England, currently resident in Toronto, Canada, where I'm working on various films, TV series, plays & commercials as a stuntman/actor, & playing Kit Drums in different bands that have yet to exploit my potential as a performing musician.

    My first exposure to MS. KATE BUSH & her music was a performance on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, which impressed me, but what really caused me to sit up & take notice was *every single track* on KATE BUSH: THE DREAMING (which I was exposed to by my then-bandmate, THE FADER, a bassist who was jumping up & down over MR. DEL PALMERS contributions to the album).

    The presence & participation of MR. GEOFFREY DOWNES of YES on the recording impressed me before I had heard a single note, but SAT IN YOUR LAP destroys me to this day, & it remains an unrealised ambition of mine to play drums on that song in a live performance, & to sing the support vocal harmonies simultaneously with the aid of a headset mic.

    On the strength of that albums production values, engineering, composition & arrangement, I ran out to the record shop to purchase KATE BUSH: THE KICK INSIDE, KATE BUSH: LIONHEART, KATE BUSH: NEVER FOR EVER & KATE BUSH: THE DREAMING LP.s.

    Aside from VIOLIN (which I will never like), I found myself captivated by the KATE BUSH: NEVER FOR EVER album, but it was not until KATE BUSH: THE 9TH WAVE that I found myself re-experiencing the level of aural rapture that had enabled me to grok MS. BUSHS musical & lyrical vision for the first time in 1982.

    I was not able to afford a copy of KATE BUSH: THIS WOMANS WORK when it first became available in shops, so there are songs which I have not yet heard, but I know that it will be worth the wait, just as it will be to find other musicians who would like to form a KATE BUSH Tribute Band.


    Group photos

    A photo of the
    HomeGround crew: Peter FitzGerald-Morris, Kate Bush, Krys, and Dave, taken on 3rd November 1986, at the Experiment IV video shoot.
    This was in the disused mental hospital at Shooters Hill, South London. Kate said "I look terrible so I'm going to pull a face". Del took the photo on Dave's camera.
    We'd spent a few days running up and down this long corridor and lying face down in the mud outside the music shop in the East End.
    HomeGround is now in its 19th year of existence. Enquiries to HG@isis.softnet.co.uk
    HomeGround and Kate image - 14k
    HomeGround - The Kate Bush Fanzine
    PO Box 439
    Rochester, Kent
    ME3 8WE

    Here is a photo of a Love Hounds get together, outside Ann Elizabeth House, Earl's Court, London, close to the Hammersmith Le Palais, the location of the 1990 KBC Convention.
    Love Hounds 1990 image - 40k

    Some fans got together in Denver, at the Delhi Darbar restaurant, namely, Kaylene Granado, Chris Nelson, and Samantha Tanner.
    Denver Fans meetup - 18k

    My Kate Bush web page.
    My Home page.